Jennifer Lopez and Maluma premired their two new songs, “Pa’ ti” and “Lonely,” with a sultry performance at the American Music Awards this Sunday.

The performance started with Lopez’s performance of “Pa’ ti,” where she danced solo on a table wearing a skimpy bodysuit. The sex appeal of the performance was then ramped up by the heavily filtered light on the performance, which was at first cross shaped but soon transitioned to bars that were evocative of the jail cell set behind her.

Maluma soon appeared on the stage, and the music transitioned to the song “Lonely,” leading Lopez and Maluma to perform on the table together. Maluma crawls on top of Lopez towards the end of the performance only for Lopez to get up and reject him, following the theme of the breakup song.

The performance of the two songs, though iconic in and of itself, provided just a preview of the soundtrack for Lopez and Maluma’s upcoming film, Marry Me. Marry Me is a romantic comedy in which Lopez’s character rejects Maluma’s for cheating, choosing to marry a random fan instead. It is set for release on May 14.

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