Mel Gibson, 56, might not be so unlucky in love after all. Lately the ex hubby of Oksana Grigorieva, 42, has been spending a lot of time with another musician, Nadia Lanfranconi, 29, who is originally from Italy and moved to Los Angeles to kick-start her music and acting career.

Although sources say that Gibson and Lanfranconi are just in a casual relationship, according to the U.K.'s Daily Mail, they have been photographed more than once in what appears to be a romantic context — once when Gibson was giving Lanfranconi a sensual massage at a Hollywood shopping center, and once when the couple appeared to be sharing a romantic sushi dinner.

In addition to being an aspiring musician, Lanfranconi has acted in bit roles in a few films, as well as this year's The Obsession. She was the face of a modeling campaign for "F Me" jeans. Perhaps the much-younger aspiring star is sympathetic toward the trouble Gibson has faced in Hollywood.

"I still shiver," Lanfranconi said, reports the Mail, "when I think about my prior years, and how hard I had to work to overcome many obstacles. Hollywood is a different place; it is an amazing place if you want to fulfill your dreams, if you work hard at it, but cold and calculated when it comes to friendships. It took me almost three years to find genuine friends, but I finally found them, and I consider them my family here."

Watch Lanfranconi's music video, "When You're Free," here:

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