Today is International Happiness Day, and Joe Manganiello and Demi Lovato celebrated at the Empire State Building.


Manganiello and Lovato are starring in the upcoming film Smurfs: The Lost Village, and made an appearance with some Smurfs at the Empire State Building today in an effort with the UN to support their Sustainable Development Goals.

“We hope the campaign will help us all think about how our actions impact the planet,” said Lovato. “Every one of us, even a Small Smurf, can accomplish big goals.”

Americans tell pollsters their happiness has been declining for at least a decade citing lower personal freedoms and increased corruption in business. It is important to put yourself first, and to look out for your mental health. Humans tend to suffer in silence, but seeking help could be the answer. “In every country physical health is of course also important, but in no country is it more important than mental health,” a report states.

Happiness, according to studies, has a lot to do with income and job security. For example, unemployment leaves people unhappy, and also leaves scars. While self-employed folks appear the most happy, blue collar jobs, such as construction and manufacturing, correlate to lower happiness levels. And, of course, making more money correlates to higher happiness.

But job and money don’t dictate every aspect of a person’s happiness. Family, childhood, and education also affect a person throughout his or her life.

The World Happiness Report ranks 155 countries based on happiness levels, and this year the United States ranked 14th, behind the Scandinavian countries, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Israel, Costa Rica and Austria.

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