Inside Out stars Mindy Kaling, Amy Poeher, Bill Hader, Lewis Black and Phillis Smith posed with director Pete Docter and producer Jonas Rivera at the film’s Los Angeles premiere at the El Capitan Theatre Monday night.

‘Inside Out’ Premiere

Inside Out, Pixar’s latest animated feature, follows a young girl named Riley as she copes with moving from the Midwest to San Francisco. Riley’s emotions – Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness – take center stage in the film, which explores the complexities of a child’s mind.

Poehler voices Joy, Kaling is Disgust, Hader is Fear, Black is Anger and Smith is Sadness. Kaitlyn Dias, meanwhile, voices Riley, and Diane Lane and Kyle MacLachlan voice her parents.

“At the #insideout premiere! So proud of this wonderful movie,” Kaling captioned a picture of herself on the red carpet at the premiere. “I cried nonstop during the movie and looked like a monster (inc.) when the lights came Up, haha.”

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Some have wondered how Inside Out, with it’s brainy concept, will translate for its younger audiences. Poehler, who is a mother to two young sons, admits that while its possible that not every message in the film will land with younger kids, they’ll appreciate the movie all the same.

“He thinks it’s really funny when the fire comes out of Anger’s head, and he loves when Disgust gets Anger mad,” Poehler told Vulture, speaking of her six-year-old son Abel. “That, by far, is my kids’ favorite comedic set-piece.”

“Am I sure that they got the idea that no feeling is final and change is the only thing you can depend on? I’m not sure, but they feel this thing there,” Poehler added. “And, you know, too many films are too ahead of children when it comes to violence, and there’s never any question of, ‘Is this gun-shooting too sophisticated for them?’ Too many films decide, ‘Your child is almost ready to handle this violence.’ It’s so cool, then, that Pixar says, ‘Or your child is almost ready to handle these conversations about his emotions.'”

Inside Out hits theaters June 19.

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