While the Olympic Games are always a spectacle of athleticism and showmanship, figure skating tends to draw questions about the relationship between the skaters.


Canada’s Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir took home the gold medal in the ice dancing competition on Tuesday morning in PyeongChang, and set a new world record with an overall score of 206.07 in the process. Despite their chemistry on the ice, the pair maintain that they are not romantically involved.

“Your chemistry’s undeniable. Twitter’s exploding. They want you guys to be a couple,” host Hoda Kotb told the pair during an appearance on the Today show, before Savannah Guthrie added, “We kind of do, too.”

“Well, that’s such a compliment that you feel that when you watch us skate. We love performing together,” Virtue, 28, responded. Their final program was set to “Come What May” from Moulin Rouge! and the skater mentioned that she enjoyed performing the love story with Moir, but that it was all about the music and performance. “We love storytelling,” she said, “especially with Satine and Christian in the Moulin Rouge! program. That was really close to our hearts. We knew we wanted to skate to that music.”

“[I] guess mission accomplished,” Moir, 30, chimed in. “That was the story we were telling, so I’m happy that you fell in love with that.”

And it appears that the Internet did. “Honestly at the end of their last routine, Scott should just get down on one knee and propose to Tessa,” wrote on Twitter user. “I’m going to need an engagement announcement within the next 24 hrs. Thank you,” said another. “I want someone to look at me like #VirtueMoir look at each other,” added one more.

Even Canada-native Ryan Reynolds got involved, joking, “thank you @tessavirtue & @ScottMoir for agreeing to raise my children as your own.”

According to the pair’s former longtime coach Paul MacIntosh, who spoke with The Canadian Press, the couple did date at one time: “At age nine and seven, and I think Scotty broke it off. And he would say that’s 19 or 20 years of regret.”

The pair has been training since they were in the single-digits and just competed in their third Olympics together. “It definitely feels like it. I guess that comes with being veterans — we know that we have to let the dust settle before we make that decision,” Moir said on Today when asked if this would be their last games. “If it is, this is a great way for us to go out. We’re so proud of ourselves. We’re so proud of our team. It feels great to have had the skates that we wanted to have here. It feels right. It feels like a good end.”

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