Now we know of at least one thing that can stop Wolverine: a wall.

Aussie actor Hugh Jackman was injured filming a stunt for an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show on Tuesday in Sydney, Australia. Jackman, 42, was supposed to zip-line down a cable from the top of the Sydney Opera House to a makeshift stage on the Oprah set. When he failed to put on the brakes, however, he slammed into a lighting rig and "basically face-planted the back wall of the stage," an eyewitness told a local Australian news station.

Winfrey, who remained "very calm," after the accident, called for a halt in filming while Jackman was examined. The lucky actor escaped with merely a cut and a bruise under his eye. "That's gonna swell," Winfrey observed while Jackman relaxed with a glass of red wine.

"We're gonna see that on the news," the daytime legend later joked with her audience. "Over and over and over again. 'Hugh injured today. Ziplining on Oprah.'" —KIMBERLY STEELE

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