Eve (Famke Janssen) returns to defend Nate (Billy Brown) in his case, in which he is accused of giving his wife Nia, who just recently died of stage-four ovarian cancer, a lethal drug to end her pain.

How To Get Away With Murder, Season 2, Episode 7 Recap

Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) decides to return working as a hacker for the Keating five despite his recent feud with Connor (Jack Falahee). He is determined to meet the Hapstall’s cousin, Philip Jessup, in order to learn more about him and see if he committed or helped commit the murder of the Hapstall twins’ parents. Philip (Jefferson White) is revealed to be a loner, after Oliver finds his profile online.

Meanwhile, Annalise (Viola Davis) takes on a client who is accused of harassing another man to the point of suicide. Annalise finds out that Laurel (Karla Souza) and Frank (Charlie Weber) are together, and does not appear happy about it. Laurel attempts to redeem herself by bringing in a key witness in this case: the doorman of the building where the prosecutor and Assistant District Attorney Barrett Nelson (Colby French) resides. The doorman claims he has seen Sharon Tidwell (Susan Walters), the wife of the harassed man, who killed himself by jumping off a building, frequently walking into the building late at night asking to stay with the prosecutor. Laurel tells Annalise that she is sure the two are having an affair, and that they can use this in the trial.

The defense plays an audio clip of the last words of Mr. Tidwell, which were uttered in a 911-call right before he jumped off the building. He mentions a ‘he’ whom he wants to see suffer, and Annalise decides to use this as bait knowing the ‘he’ is ADA Nelson, and after cross-examining the prosecutor on the stand, Laurel drags the doorman into the courtroom, unbeknownst to him, in the middle of the former’s interrogation. The doorman attests to the affair, and they win the case. Laurel confronts Annalise about why she hasn’t credited her for helping them win the case and is still mad at her for her relationship with Frank, but Annalise tells Laurel that she is not speaking with her because she is not worried about her.

One of the nurses ends up cracking on the witness stand and admitting that she did indeed assist in giving Nia drugs because she was begging for them. She does this because the prosecutor, Emily Sinclair, intimidates her with her questions when she is testifying in court. However, Eve finds a way to doctor the information at the hospital that shows Nate gave Nia drugs to kill her to prove that this is not true, and Nate is allowed to go free. Annalise and Eve re-ignite their relationship and jokingly discuss running off to live in Paris together and open their own firm. Annalise tells Eve, who is suspicious about her relationship with Wes (Alfred Enoch), that she is very close to him for a very particular reason, which she does not explicitly state. However, she appears to insinuate that she is his birth mother, and not the woman who is initially described as his mother and who supposedly killed herself when Wes was 12.

Bonnie (Liza Weil) is still mad at Asher (Matt McGorry) after learning that he was unable to stop the four men who gang-raped a girl named Tiffany at a party he threw at his house on Trotter Lake because he was drunk. After Asher says he is truly sorry and that he knows what Sam did to her, Bonnie realizes that Annalise told him this piece of information, and subsequently confronts her about this, to which Annalise responds that she did it to prevent Bonnie from going to jail. They get into a huge fight, which culminates in Bonnie saying that she feels used and that she wants Annalise to die.

After Oliver sets up a coffee date with Philip using a dating site and Connor’s picture for his profile, Connor goes on the date and Philip doesn’t show after a while, so they call it off. Oliver is then shown arriving at his apartment with groceries, and Philip follows him without him noticing. Jessup walks in and merely says “Hi Oliver, having a nice night?” and nothing else is shown, although one can guess that Jessup intends to kill him.

The scene then cuts to a flash-forward, several months later, on a dark night at the Hapstall mansion, where Annalise is shown bleeding on the ground after being shot. Wes is hold showing gun and is hiding there with Laurel, and as they are about to head out, another body (presumably the lead prosecutor on Nate’s case, Emily Sinclair (Sarah Burns), who was shown to have also been murdered there on the same night in a previous episode) falls onto the pavement, and Bonnie is shown staring from a deck high above the mansion.

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