ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder has ended after six seasons, with a finale full of twists and turns — and deaths. Warning: spoilers ahead!

Since Season 6 premiered, HTGAWM has teased the death of the show’s main character Annalise Keating, played by Viola Davis. The finale finally showed fans what happened to Annalise, but not before sealing the fate of some other fan favorite characters.

After Annalise is aquitted for the various murders she has committed over the seasons, Connor is taken to prison because he denies the immunity deal Oliver scored him. Connor also asks for a divorce. Fans loved Annalise’s speech at the trial.

On the steps of the courthouse, Frank goes through with his plan to kill Gov. Birkhead. Bonnie tries to stop Frank, but they are both killed in the process. Annalise holds Bonnie’s body and cries, breaking fans’ hearts.

Now, getting back to Annalise’s funeral, we see that she wasn’t killed, but died of old age. The show ends with a jump into the future, and shows her students at her funeral, now old and gray. We also got a look into Annalise’s future life, including her relationship with Teagan.

We also find out that Wes did not somehow survive.

And, in the end, the show ends in the way it started. Christopher, who we learned was mentored by Annalise, is seen introducing himself to a class of students.

Fans shared their feelings about the show’s finale, and the end to the story of one of the most iconic black female characters on television.

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