How to Get Away With Murder, “He Deserved to Die,” shed some light about Rebecca Sutter (Katie Findlay), Wes’s (Alfred Enoch) new girlfriend that Annalise (Viola Davis) decided to defend in the death of student Lila Stanguard (Megan West).

How To Get Away With Murder Recap

Fortunately for Annalise, Rebecca has decided to take Wes’s advice and trust her again. But, defending her won’t be easy, as it was leaked to the press that Rebecca and Griffin (Lenny Platt) had sex behind Lila Stanguard’s back. Since Griffin comes from a deeply religious family and had made a chastity pack, while Rebecca is a rebellious townie, the media paints Rebecca as the instigator. In order to stop any other damning information from hitting the presses, Annalise pushes for a gag order. At the hearing, Griffin’s lawyer calls for Lila’s body to be exhumed.

Annalise and the Keating 5 do not want Lila’s body exhumed because in the original autopsy nothing pointed to Rebecca, and Griffin’s lawyer believes that marks around her neck came from a woman’s nails. After discrediting the expert witness for Griffin’s defense, they put their own expert on the stand that says the marks are bug bites. Their last move to yield the exhumation is to convince Lila’s mother to make a statement against it. With insight into Lila’s mother from Sam (Tom Verrica), Annalise coaches Laurel (Karla Souza) on how to convince the grieving woman.

After completing the trifecta to have the exhumation shutdown, the DA, who had helped Annalise discredit the first expert witness, flips on her and presents her own evidence that the marks were made by a woman’s fingernails. With both the DA and Griffin’s attorney calling for the exhumation, the judge has enough reason to rule in favor of the exhumation and a second autopsy on the body. Now, Annalise needs to know why the DA flipped.

Asher (Matt McGorry), Conner (Jack Falahee) and Wes all go to the local watering hole to chat up some of the DA assistants. Asher gets too drunk and Connor, instead of turning on his charm, goes on and on about Oliver. Wes manages to find out that the DA and Griffin’s lawyer had agreed to a plea deal that stipulated that they both make an effort to get the body exhumed. In order to break the plea deal, Annalise realizes she needs to leak something so bad about Griffin that the DA won’t be able to stay in the deal – so she leaks that he raped Rebecca to the press. While this works to end the plea deal, the body will still be exhumed.

Rebecca confronts Wes after the trial about how he didn’t wait for her at the courthouse. He reveals that he’s disappointed that she allowed Griffin to be painted as a rapist. He’s not mad for long though, as they end up sleeping with each other. Meanwhile, Bonnie (Liza Weil) interrupts Annalise and Sam just as the former is starting to thaw towards her cheating husband. Bonnie gives Annalise the good news first: the marks are just insect bites. The bad news is that Lila was six weeks pregnant when she died. Was is Sam's?

Flash-forward two weeks and Wes is trying to set up Rebecca in the hotel before he leaves to meet up with the others so they can figure out what to do next. Rebecca reveals she killed Sam with the trophy after sensing he wanted to murder her. She has no regrets and doesn’t want to take Wes doesn with her, saying of Sam, “He deserved to die.”

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