How To Get Away With Murder “Let’s Get To Snooping” featured Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) and her law students defending Rebecca (Katie Findlay) in Lila’s death and finance maven Marin Trudeau (Elizabeth Perkins), who’s been accused of insider trading.

How To Get Away With Murder Recap

In the flash-forwards, the law students are still trying to figure out how to get rid of Sam’s (Tom Verica) body, but three weeks before Rebecca’s bail has just been set at $1 million after she confessed under the pressure of an interrogation. Annalise and Bonnie (Liza Weil) grill Rebecca about what happened in that room with the detectives, and Rebecca admits that she felt like they had coerced her into a false confession while maintaining that she absolutely didn’t kill the college student. “He told me Griffin was going to pin it on me,” Rebecca says, referring to Wes (Alfred Enoch). “He was right.” Annalise is duly enraged that Wes has been running his mouth off to their client.

Though Wes has been kicked off Rebecca’s case, he’s allowed to come along for the ride to Trudeau Securities to meet with Annalise’s longtime client Marin Trudeau. When they arrive, the FBI is already boxing up information for their case. When Annalise asks what proof they have of Marin’s wrongdoing, the head of the investigation shows her a video of Marin having sex with the CEO of the company for which she’s accused of practicing insider trading. Believing that one of Marin’s employee’s may have framed her, Annalise begins interrogating them, which irritates Marin. She doesn’t think Annalise trusts anyone enough.

Getting in for the night, Annalise notices that Sam is getting ready to head out the door. He tells her he’s going out for a department dinner, but that he’ll be home as soon as possible. Outside, Nate (Billy Brown) is doing some investigative work in Sam’s car. Sam gets outside just in time to see Nate next to the vehicle. Nate claims he saw a light on in the car and didn’t want his car to die before jogging off in another direction. Sitting in a nearby car, Bonnie witnesses the whole thing. Bonnie uses Nate’s snooping against the cops, saying that since they’re investigating another suspect they should release the video that supposedly feature’s Rebecca’s confession.

Connor (Jack Falahee), up to his ususal tricks, pays a visit to Marin’s assistant Paxton, hoping to pull some information out of him. After a brief chat, the two start taking each other’s clothes off and have sex in the copy room. When Connor leaves, Pax takes a phone call, telling the person on the other end of the line that he had sex with one of the guys from the law firm and found out that the firm still thinks Marin is the guilty one. Little does Pax know, Connor had planted a recording device in the room. When Marin and Annalise confront Pax the following day, he leaps to his death out the window. Pax, however, was not working alone, so it becomes Annalise’s mission to find his accomplices and the likely brains behind the operation. After determining who the two others were, the FBI cuff them and Marin is exonerated.

Later in the day, Connor returns to Oliver's (Conrad Ricamora) place, the boyfriend who helped him track the phone call Pax had made the night before. While Connor is going on about how the guy took his life, he hears the recording playing from the other room. Upon realizing that Connor had slept with Pax to get the information, Oliver breaks up with Connor and throws him out of the house.

When the team watches the confession tape that Bonnie procured, they realize they’ll be able to use it to lessen her bail. After the judge watches it in court, he lessens her bail to $10,000 and launches an investigation into the coercion. With Rebecca out of jail, Wes is able to ask her what’s on the phone she’d left behind in his apartment. Wes then brings the phone to Annalise and suggests that the photos on it can get Rebecca off. She makes sure that no one else knows about the phone, gives Wes her approval and then sends him off.

Readying herself for bed, Annalise systematically removes her jewelry, her wig and false eyelashes and then slowly takes off her makeup. When Sam walks in, he asks about how she got Rebecca out on bail. She replies, “Why is your penis on a dead girl’s phone?”

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