How To Get Away With Murder picked up where it left off in the woods with Connor (Jack Falahee), Laurel (Karla Souza) and Michaela (Aja Naomi King) after they lit Sam Keating’s (Tom Verica) body on fire. The trio worry that while they can trust Wes (Alfred Enoch), who ran off, they’re not sure if they can trust “her” or “her” influence on him.

'How To Get Away With Murder' Recap

In the present day, Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) has a new case for her eager students – that of Max St. Vincent (Steven Weber), a wealthy man who stands accused of stabbing his wife to death in bed. The man, who they presume is likely guilty, has no trouble recreating the prosecution’s suggested chain of events. With the cards stacked against them, Annalise thinks they need the supplemental arrest report. She sends Wes aka “puppy dog” to get it. When he reviews the report, he notices a discrepancy in the name of the officer who found the murder weapon.

Under cross-examination, the officer on the main report who was claiming that he was one who found the knife, crumbles. He admits that it was a fellow officer – one with a known drinking problem – who’d discovered it. His testimony throws out the murder weapon evidence.

Next on Annalise’s agenda is discrediting the late wife’s best friend, who has testified that the deceased had been planning to divorce Max. Connor, who gets back into bed with the IT guy, has him hack into the witness’s computer. Annalise is able to use what he found – an effusive toast about the couple delivered just months ago – to make her previous claims negligible.

When it’s time for the defense to present their character witness, they go with Max’s daughter Eloise (Laura Coover). While preparing to take the stand, the college student strikes a perfect balance between praising her father and acknowledging his lesser qualities. However, during the trial, the prosecution makes a game-changing reveal – Eloise's birth mother didn’t die in a car accident. She was murdered… by her father.

With the case in jeopardy, Annalise summons her five law students to return to the room where Max’s latest wife was killed. She tells them that they only need to prove that he didn’t commit this murder. It’s okay if he committed the first one. Laurel, who worried about her place in the group earlier, notes that Max is a hunter. By her logic, Max knows how to kill and killed his first wife with the knowledge and expertise of someone who has hunted all of his life. The murder of the second wife was nowhere near as precise. A medical examiner takes the stand, stating her opinion that the same person did not commit both murders.

Wes realizes that it was likely the daughter who killed her father’s wife, theorizing that maybe she recently found out that he’d murdered her mother. When he tells this theory to Annalise, it turns out she already knew. The daughter had traveled to Europe, where her mother had died, and had come into the information about the real cause of death. When Annalise tells Max about what they uncovered about Eloise, he says he’ll take care of her punishment.

After her day at court, Annalise comes home to her husband, who has prepared a romantic, celebratory dinner for her. At first, it seems as though she’s no longer worried that he had anything to do with his former student Lila Stangard’s death. Earlier, he had denied ever having an affair with her and after searching his emails, she found a lot of exchanges between him and Lila, but none of a sexual nature. However, when Sam leaves the room, she goes for his phone again and sees that all of the emails have been deleted.

In a panic, Annalise makes an excuse to leave the house to meet up with Nate (Billy Brown). She tells him that her husband was close with Lila and that she fears he had something to do with her death. Nate brushes off her concerns, but promises to look into Sam’s alibi. Annalise then returns home to Sam, tells him they’re good and they have sex, but afterwards she turns away from him and cries.

Meanwhile, Wes returns back to his apartment to find his neighbor Rebecca (Katie Findlay) getting arrested. On the news, he learns that both she and Griffin (Lenny Platt), the boyfriend of Lila and frequent visitor to Rebecca’s apartment, are being arrested in connection to Lila’s death.

Flash-forward to two and a half months later, after helping the other’s burn Sam’s body and grabbing the Lady Justice murder weapon, Wes buys a burner phone from a convenience store and calls to tell the person on the other line, “We’re going to protect you.” He then shows up at a sketchy motel. On the other side of the door is Rebecca. “It’s done,” he tells her. Is the "her" from earlier Rebecca?

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