Hope Solo, the star goalie for the U.S. women’s soccer team, is seeking to have her domestic violence charges dismissed.

Hope Solo Wants Charges Dismissed

Solo’s attorney Solo’s attorney Todd Maybrown filed a motion to get the pair of misdemeanor domestic violence charges thrown out against his client, citing his inability to depose the two supposed victims – Solo’s half-sister and nephew, reported the Los Angeles Times. Maybrown had addressed the difficulty in getting them to speak with him during the case’s last hearing, at which point Judge Michael Lambo ordered them to comply with a deposition.

“In fact, it now appears that these witnesses will never cooperate or appear for depositions,” Maybrown’s recent filing read.

As Maybrown and Solo – who pleaded not guilty to all charges – have argued, the filing claims once again the she was the primary victim in the incident, sustaining a concussion from a broom handle with which the nephew allegedly attacked her.

The prosecution maintains that Solo verbally abused her nephew before physically assaulting him. Furthermore, the prosecution claims that the athlete struck her half-sister when she tried to intervene on her son’s behalf.

The trial is scheduled to commence in January. A hearing on Maybrown’s motion will take place Dec. 30.

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