Hope Solo, the goalkeeper for the U.S. women’s national soccer team, will stand trial for her domestic violence charges in January.

Hope Solo Trial Date Set

Solo will face two counts of misdemeanor domestic violence on Jan. 20, ruled Washington State’s Kirkland Municipal Court Judge Michael Lambo. Lambo revealed his decision for the court date at a hearing on Tuesday, at which Solo was present.

Lambo also decided on Tuesday to grant Solo’s attorney Todd Maybrown’s request to have the alleged victims – Solo’s half-sister and teenage nephew – deposed before a court stenographer. Thus far, both of the accusers have refused to allow Maybrown to conduct an interview with them before a stenographer.

The domestic violence charges stem from a family dispute back in June at Solo’s half-sister’s home in Kirkland, Wash. According to Solo’s nephew, the athlete had been in a drunken rage because her husband, former NFL player Jerramy Stevens, wouldn’t drive her to the airport. She then called the nephew “too fat and overweight and crazy to ever be an athlete.” When he tried to kick her out of the house, she allegedly punched and tackled him. She allegedly proceeded to attack her half-sister when she tried to intervene.

Solo has pleaded not-guilty to the domestic violence charges. Maybrown reportedly intends to claim that his client was acting in self-defense.

Leading up to the trial, Solo will continue to anchor the U.S. national soccer team from the goal, as the team readies itself for the World Cup next summer.

While Solo’s trial won’t commence until Jan. 20, she is expected to appear in court for a hearing on Jan. 6.

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