Hope Solo, the star goalkeeper for the United States women’s national soccer team, has had her domestic abuse charges dropped.

Hope Solo Charges Dropped

Solo was facing two counts of fourth-degree assault from an altercation with her half-sister and nephew at a party last summer. On Tuesday, a judge dismissed the charges levied at Solo due to the half-sister and nephew’s failure to appear for a court-ordered deposition, reported USA Today.

Solo was not present at the hearing – training with the national team in Carson, Calif. – but she released a statement upon getting word that the charges had been dismissed.

“Today’s decision brings closure to what has been one of the most difficult and emotionally draining times of my life,” said Solo, whose husband Jerramy Stevens attended the hearing in Kirkland, Wash., in her stead. “I always had faith that once the facts of the case were presented, I would be cleared of all charges and I am so happy and relieved to finally have it all behind me.”

Solo’s attorney Todd Maybrown has been fighting to have the charges dismissed due to the unresponsiveness of the accusers and the multiple variations of their alleged story. “This has been a terrible ordeal for Miss Stevens (Solo) but we’re grateful the court has dismissed the charges,” Maybrown told KING 5 after the judge’s decision. “If the case had been reviewed carefully at the outset, no charges would have been filed.”

Initial reports suggested that Solo had attacked her nephew, punching him in the face, and had turned her aggression on her half-sister when she tried to intervene. Solo and Maybrown maintained throughout the pre-trail hearings that she had acted in self defense after her nephew attacked her with a broom.


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