As Project Runway gears up for season nine, the shows marketers are turning heads with a provocative ad featuring a topless Heidi Klum. The ad depicts Klum from the waist up wearing only a pink tie. The former Victoria's Secret model has cut the bottom portion of the tie off (much like in the photo) with pink shears, and written across her strategically placed arm is a message that says, "Make it Work." Though the message is a challenge to the designers who will vie for the top spot, the 38-year-old Klum is certainly making it work herself in the photo.
Runway's ninth season will feature a larger field of 20 designers. Klum, along with co-judges Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and mentor Tim Gunn all return. Kim Kardashian, Zoe Saldana, Christina Ricci, and Malin Akerman will reportedly appear as guest judges throughout the season.
Even though the show will begin with a larger field of contestants, four will be sent home on opening night, leaving remaining 16 to face what will be one of the most difficult challenges in the show's history, reports Zap2it. The new season premieres Thursday, July 28 on Lifetime.


  • Sydney Ramsden
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    Only Heidi Klum would advertise a show about fashion by not wearing any clothes…

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