On Valentine’s Day, actress Hayden Panettiere‘ boyfriend, real estate agent Brian Hickerson, was arrested by Wyoming police for domestic violence after allegedly punching Panettiere.

Police confirmed that they had charged Hickerson for domestic battery. Jackson, Wyoming police responded to an early morning complaint call that a man who was intoxicated was locked out of his house after allegedly punching his girlfriend in the face with a closed fist. When the officers arrived, they found Hickerson in the driveway while Panettiere was in the house. Hickerson stated to the police Panettiere was in the house yelling “he beat the f–k out of me.” Officers reported that Hickerson refused to answer if he punched Panettiere or not.

Panettiere told police that she and Hickerson were in their bedroom when he started to throw and punch her. Her face was red and swollen along with scratches on her left hand that was also swollen. Police heard enough to arrest Hickerson with a domestic battery charge, and he received another charge for interfering with a police officer for not identifying himself. Hickerson has been released on $5,000 bond.

This celebrity couple has a long past with domestic abuse charges between them.

Last year in November, the couple was back together after a domestic case in May 2019. Hickerson was arrested in Los Angeles for a fight between himself and the actress.

Panettiere was reported to have red marks left on her body from this episode. Hickerson was ordered to stay 100 feet away from the former Heros star, but the case against him was dropped in September of 2019 due to the inability to “secure a material witness.”

The couple had been together for about a year and a half at this time.

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