Gun stores across the nation have had record breaking sales due to coronavirus anxiety. As the coronavirus pandemic spreads, American people are stocking up in enormous numbers for the same reason that they are purchasing toilet paper. 

Gun shop owner Barry Perry told The Charlotte Observer that 100 people were lined up outside of his store just after 10 a.m. and that his shop has never seen this number of sales. 

People are arming themselves, waiting outside gun stores, or purchasing their firearms online. In February,, a firearm retailer reported a 309% increase in revenue in the month of February. 

Kimber Zerweck, owner of Delia’s Gunshop, told ABC News that lines have also been out the door at his establishment. 


“In five years I’ve owned this place, I’ve never had lines out the door. It’s a mixture of people who know what they wanna buy and other people who wanna buy because they’re afraid of what’s going on with the criminal element,” he said. 

National figures on gun sales that are monitored by the FBI will not be released until early April, but the figures are likely to be high.