Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy saw Dr. Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) finally confront his estranged father when he traveled to Montana for work.


Robert, played by Eric Roberts, owns a diner and was excited to meet Jackson, but Avery did not share that enthusiasm. Jackson didn’t even want to meet with Robert, but April (Sarah Drew) convinced him he’d regret it if he didn’t go.

“Jackson, I know what a good father is. I’ve had one my whole life,” her speech began. “You were a good father. You took us both in. You took care of [Harriet] when I couldn’t and you haven’t stopped taking care of either of us since. Even with everything that’s happened between us, you never bailed and [your father] couldn’t do that. You came here to tell him something. Don’t leave till you do.”

Avery’s intention was to meet Robert and close that door, but it soon became clear Robert wanted to start a relationship with his son, an the granddaughter he just learned about.

“I don’t think there’s going to be a next time,” Jackson said to his father. “My mom’s a wonderful grandmother and you seem like a decent guy, but you’re not a grandfather. You’re not my father. I figure when you’re having a kid, you’re making a promise, and I don’t like to break promises. That’s the real difference between you and me. Take care, Robert. I’m really glad I met you. Goodbye.”

And that might be the first and last time we see Robert, but knowing Grey’s, who knows what they might have up their sleeves. As far as Jackson and April’s relationship goes, it remains unclear. The show has certainly been gearing up to get them back together, but for now, it could still be weeks away if it ever happens.

Both Williams and Drew tweeted about filming this episode, with Williams praising his co-star for her talents. “100% team effort,” he wrote. “Couldn’t ask for a more talented, generous and committed co-captain.”

Drew said, “I love these folks a lot! It was such a joy making this episode together,” alongside a photo of her and her co-stars.

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