On Grey’s Anatomy Thursday night, we open on the aftermath of Karev’s confession for assaulting DeLuca. As he’s getting ready for the day the events from that night replay in his head. Meredith comes to help him and get his mind back to medicine and tells him about her surgeries.
At the hospital, Bailey is asking Ben to be her “eyes and ears” at the hospital and he refuses because he’s only just now rebuilding his reputation. Webber overhears and eagerly offers to be Bailey’s spies.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap Season 13, Episode 2 Recap

Maggie runs into Meredith as rounds are about to begin and tells her that she had a third sexual dream about Riggs. She thinks it’s time she tells him her feelings but Meredith isn’t so sure about it.
Owen and Amelia are basking in newlywed bliss as Riggs interrupts them in the elevator to ask if he can bring anything tonight. Owen was unaware that Amelia had planned a small dinner party and is now upset that he did it without telling him.

Karev completes his rounds, a young boy with a recent kidney transplant and new baby Harriet Avery. He compliments April and Avery on their healthy baby and tells them she can go home as he rushes out of the room for court. After he leaves, April tells Avery she has to stay in the hospital because her wound reopened, so Harriet will be going home without her.

At Karev’s sentencing, DeLuca’s lawyer tells the judge that they want felony assault to be the charge. Karev’s lawyer can’t believe they are being that harsh but there’s nothing she can do about it at the moment. Karev pleads not guilty.

After the hearing Meredith and Karev talk and he thinks he’ll be heading to prison. Meredith assures him he won’t be.

Karev meets with Bailey back at the hospital to discuss what happens next. Bailey is not hiding her anger and disappointment. She softens slightly to ask if he has a good lawyer but Karev is in self-pity mode and pushes her away. As Avery packs Harriet’s thing to go home, April is panicking about being away from her. Karev’s other patient is showing early signs of appendicitis although his kidney transplant is doing ok.

In surgery, Maggie and Meredith are talking about how Maggie will ask Riggs out. Luckily, Owen walks in asking them both to come to the dinner party so now Maggie’s problem is solved.
Jo is now working with Amelia after Stephanie asked Amelia to take her so she wouldn’t have to work with Karev. Amelia invites Jo to the party and promises her Karev won’t be there.
Webber surprises Bailey in the cafeteria giving her the information he found while spying. It was nothing too exciting.

Meredith runs into DeLuca leaving the hospital and tries to talk him into forgiving Karev or at least dropping his charges. DeLuca says he’s not ready to talk to him. He also takes Meredith’s “advice” to be more of a threat that his career will end if he pursues this.

Meredith finds Karev to tell him what she accidentally did.

Ben comes in and tells Karev that his patient’s temperature is rising and he should come check on him. Karev snaps and tells him to handle it and that he’s known the kid for years.
Karev asks Meredith how bad she thinks it is and she says not to worry but to come to the dinner party.

At the party, Maggie is unpleasantly surprised that Jo is there due to her plan to have Riggs to herself. Meredith arrives to warn Riggs that Maggie is going to ask her out. She also tells him to say no but be nice. This isn’t doing much to show that she doesn’t have feelings for him. Meredith talks to Jo and gives her an update on Karev. Jo isn’t sympathetic at all and said she was only at the court date to support DeLuca.

Jo runs into Karev as she’s leaving the party and he’s arriving. He tries to apologize for everything and say that he just wants to be at home with her like before. She tells him that his apologies are worthless after what he said to her.

Meanwhile, Karev’s patient Zack needs emergency surgery.

Karev finally gets back to the hospital as Bailey and Ben are already operating on Zack’s burst appendix. Bailey tells Karev he’s off the case completely.

Avery video-chats April in the hospital because Harriet is having a hard time sleeping. She sings to her over the phone and it works. April immediately feels a little better about still being in the hospital.
Karev has to explain to Zack’s mother that he missed a sign and that’s why he’s off the case. She is extremely upset and blames him.
Bailey tells Meredith that she heard what was said to DeLuca and that she needs to butt out. Meredith pleads that she’s all Karev has and that he deserves to be forgiven. Bailey tells Meredith to ask Karev about what happened to his patient tonight.
Avery brings Harriet back to the hospital the next day to see April. He also gets a little advice from Webber to be persistent when it comes to helping April although she says she doesn’t want it.
Jo preps Amelia’s patient for her tumor-removal surgery. Jo talks to her about how she has been able to be brave throughout all of this and gets inspired.
Ben asks Meredith to scrub in on Zack’s next surgery. His kidney has failed.
Meredith has also asked DeLuca to scrub in to make amends for her own mistake. Karev begs to be able to talk to Zack. Bailey allows it only because it will keep the little boy calm.
Although his mother is still livid with Karev, he sits with her during the surgery as a favor for Zack.
Avery comes to pick Harriet up from April to go home. He also tells April that they should come live with him after April is released from the hospital. April is adamantly saying no at first but Avery talks her into thinking about it.

Maggie finally asks Riggs out in the parking lot and he respectfully declines. He says he’s not ready to date anyone right now. Maggie is visibly embarrassed. Bailey updates Karev on Zack and tells him that Zack is stable with a functioning kidney. She also tells him that he can’t perform surgery right now but he can work in the clinic. Although their dinner party didn’t go as well as they’d hoped, Amelia urges Owen to reconnect with Riggs.

Stephanie accompanies Jo back to her and Karev’s apartment. Jo tells Stephanie she can leave but Stephanie decides to stay.

Karev is staying at Meredith’s and she tells him how she slept with Riggs. Just as she was about to explain why it’s bad, Maggie walks in to vent about her asking Riggs out. Meredith tells her to try and forget about it for now and Maggie decides Meredith is right. She’ll just ask him out again in the future. Not exactly what Meredith meant.

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