This week’s Grey’s Anatomy episode finally brought viewers what they’ve been waiting for all season. Meredith Grey finally woke up from her coma! But don’t get too excited, she was awake long enough to tell Richard Webber that she appreciates him and then fell back asleep because her body is too weak to remain awake.

In her brief stint of consciousness, she also mentioned that Webber needs to talk to Jo Wilson, referring to an earlier scene where Wilson told an unconscious Meredith that she was considering switching specialties and training as an OBGYN.

This episode spent a lot more time with Atticus Lincoln (Link) and Amelia Shephard, who have been caring for their baby and Meredith’s kids this whole season. Link’s parents show up at the house and park their trailer in driveway, casually asking if they can take all four kids out for a day of fun.

But Link and Amelia unfortunately don’t get to enjoy having the house to themselves. Link’s mother called Amelia his wife, sparking a controversial conversation between the couple about marriage and next steps. Link tries to remedy the situation by proposing to Amelia, but Amelia shouts no at him and makes him stand up.

The two end up having a very open and honest conversation about their future. Link says he loves their life and their family and has definitely thought about marriage. He admits that he is nervous about getting married and then having a divorce because he doesn’t want to put his kids through a divorce the way his parents put him through one.

Amelia says that she is not good at marriage, but Link tries to convince her otherwise, reminding her that she was suffering from a brain tumor the last time she was married.

“I still think I’m wired for self-destruction,” she replies. She goes on to admit that she has been thinking a lot about getting high and that it’s been difficult to maintain her sobriety lately. The couple eventually settle on letting the pressure of marriage go and prioritizing Amelia’s sobriety.

Back at the hospital, Miranda Bailey and Owen Hunt are working on a couple who came into the hospital after a car crash that occurred on Station 19. The couple are newlyweds, but the groom is refusing to speak with his bride after she screamed that he had no one but her and that she should be saved first after their crash.

Bailey tries to convince the groom to give his wife a second chance, saying that people don’t change and he should think back to what made him fall in love with her. Eventually, he asks to Facetime his wife and asks for an annulment, saying that she had always been selfish and he didn’t want to take it anymore.

Maggie Pierce and Cormac Hayes worked on an infant that needs a heart transplant. They struggle to tell this little boy’s father that his options are dwindling, until they come up with a plan to hook his heart up to a pump until a donor can be found. They are able to save the child.

Jackson Avery and intern Alma Ortiz handle drama at the COVID-19 testing tent after a young man tests positive but says he doesn’t want to return home to his elderly grandfather. Avery offers to buy the man a hotel room, which upsets Ortiz who used to be a social worker. She explains that rich people can’t just put a Band-Aid on these issues and that they need to support organizations who help low income families who need places to stay in these situations. The two end up compromising and sharing ideas about how to help the most people.

Hunt finally forgives Teddy Altman for cheating on him on their wedding day. He confronts her saying that she has always been a good friend to him and he should’ve known something was wrong when she acted out of character. He asks her if they can go back to being friends and she asks if he wants a cup of tea as a peace offering.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.

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