In 2019, Ron DeSantis ate chocolate pudding with three of his fingers on the way from Tallahassee to Washington, D.C. in 2019, two staffers told The Daily Beast.

This report comes amid rumors of the Florida governor’s lack of social skills rising to the surface. The staffers stated that he would often sit in meetings and eat in front of everyone “like a starving animal.”

DeSantis denied the story, telling Piers Morgan on Fox Nation, that he doesn’t remember the pudding incident. He then tried to flip the gossip in his favor, saying that his opponents don’t have good “ammunition” on him, and pudding was the best attack they could muster.



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According to former staffers, DeSantis often refuses to engage in small talk as part of his job and comes off as aloof.

Several of them also said that everything he does in public is scripted. He has a tendency to avoid exchanging pleasantries, keep to himself and limit unplanned interactions with the public which makes him appear unready for the national spotlight.

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump has been busy with retail politics, visiting local businesses to make DeSantis seem cold and distant.

Although DeSantis has not publicly announced that he will run in the 2024 presidential race, he is considered Trump’s toughest rival for the Republican nomination.

Trump has recently stepped up his attacks on DeSantis including a baseless smear on his sexuality.

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