Girls Trip, according to many critics, is the freshest all-female, raunchy comedy since Bridesmaids defined the genre in 2011.

Girls Trip, directed by Malcolm D. Lee (The Best Man Holiday), follows a group of four women – Regina HallJada Pinkett SmithQueen Latifah and Tiffany Haddish – as they take a much needed vacation to New Orleans.

The trip begins because Ryan (Hall) is set to give a keynote speech at the Essence Fest and has invited along her three friends to rekindle the friendship they had when they were younger and wilder. The stresses of life have since caught up with them – Lisa (Smith) is an uptight mom, Sasha (Latifah) is having serious money problems, and Dina (Haddish) is actually still just as wild as ever –and Ryan thinks the trip will bring them all to a better place. But the party life quickly gets the best of them.

Girls Trip, which opened Friday, currently holds a 88% on Read what the critics have to say about the hilarious comedy below.


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Girls Trip is the ladies-on-the-loose comedy that everyone needs right now, even if they don’t know it yet. Yes, this is another equal-opportunity ensemble of females gone wild, most recently observed in the subpar Bad Moms and Rough Night. While Bridesmaids and the Sex and the City franchise might have redefined such bosom-buddy bonding while trafficking in the usual raunchy, rude and rowdy behavior, Girls Trip, with its epic two-hour length, apparently aims to be the Lord of the Rings of sisters doing it for themselves, one that gets a whole lot right that the others too often get wrong.” – Susan

“Now this is how you do a female raunch comedy. Equal parts crass, heartfelt and goofy, Girls Trip manages to hit all the right notes. It even pulls off something I thought was impossible: An impromptu dance number that, unlike the one in last month’s inferior Rough Night, doesn’t come off as a contrived time-waster …For all its horndog playfulness, Girls Trip never strays far from female solidarity. An eleventh-hour speech about not fearing singledom is a rarity in a genre that still holds up romantic love as the big prize.Tweaking that notion feels right for this ode to sisterhood disguised in Hangover clothing.” – Sara StewartNew York Post

“These women learn life lessons, sure. One of them gives a loser guy the gate, and another scales a long-overdue career overhaul. Through it all, they laugh, scream and mime unbelievably dirty sex acts. But the overall mood is one of joy and catharsis rather than self-inflicted debasement. This is a girls’-night-out comedy that doesn’t leave you feeling depleted and insulted. Girls Trip has tall shoes to fill, and it never stumbles.” – Stephanie Zacharek 

Girls Trip, in the end, makes an obvious play for the heartstrings, but what it says about the value of friendships forged early in life is all true. For the most part, Girls Trip balances sincere sentiment and boisterous comedy with honesty and skill, and for people who like their comedy a little nasty, this one’s a blast.” Mick LaSalleSan Francisco Chronicle 

Watch the Girls Trip trailer below.

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