The Harvey Weinstein case took a strange turn recently as model Gigi Hadid has been revealed to be a potential juror for the case. Hadid had recently taken to Instagram to announce she had been called for jury duty, but few could predict she would be assigned to this case. Hadid is a resident of NoHo, a neighborhood of Manhattan, and Weinstein was charged with rape and sexual abuse in New York City, so it was entirely possible for Hadid to be a potential juror. However, not only is it statistically unlikely for Hadid to have been called as a juror Manhattan has well over one million people eligible for jury duty it is unusual that she would be allowed to. Hadid has not only met Weinstein before, she has also met Salma Hayak, who had allegedly been sexually harassed by Weinstein, calling him a, “monster.”  Typically, jurors would be selected who are not personally attached to the plaintiffs of defendants in a criminal case to avoid bias. Hadid, however, stated in court that she would be able to stay impartial, saying to the judge that she would, “keep an open mind on the facts.”


While leaving the Manhattan courthouse where the trial is set to take place, Hadid was photographed and filmed by the paparazzi, who asked the supermodel questions about her role in the case. In reply to the jurors, Hadid said that she was, “not legally allowed to talk about jury duty at all.”

This is not Weinstein’s first time being accused of sexual misconduct. Rose McGowan has filed a lawsuit against Weinstein a few months ago, while a number of well-known actress, such as Uma Thurman and Lupita N’yongo have accused Weinstein of sexual harassment on multiple occasions.  Whether Weinstein is found guilty of the charges against him or not, it is unlikely that he will reach a settlement with his accusers, as he has done so in the past.

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