Rose McGowan, 46, was one of the first women to come out publicly about sexual misconduct in Hollywood. She has been one of the strongest forces behind the #MeToo movement and has propelled hundreds of other women to open up about their sexual assault stories involving Harvey Weinstein, 67.

On October 24, McGowan and her lawyers filed a lawsuit in the California federal court in California against Weinstein and his former lawyers, David Boies and Lisa Bloom, making 11 complaints, including civil racketeering, wiretapping, fraud, invasion of privacy and intentional emotional distress.

Bloom is a high-profile women’s-rights attorney who is known for representing sexual assault victims in Bill Cosby’s case, but is shockingly being blamed for trying to silence McGowan and being a part of a diabolical plan.

The actress’ lawyers stated: “The complaint alleges that these defendants launched a coordinated, sophisticated attack on Rose McGowan and others who sought to tell the truth about and expose Weinstein’s misconduct in 2017. This suit seeks to hold Harvey Weinstein and his team of enablers accountable for the harm that they did to our client.”

Bloom and Boies have publicly apologized for working with Weinstein. The former film producer is scheduled to go on trial next year in New York City regarding charges of sex-crimes and rape.

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