SEGA performed a curious gesture on April Fool’s Day, the meaning of which has been revealed: Bayonetta is out on Steam for $19.99.


I hope you have a controller, because PlatinumGames’ stylish-action classic is ready to dance!

The requisite Steam features are accounted for: Achievements, Big Picture Mode, Cloud Saving, Trading Cards and leaderboards. Furthermore, this release features added enhancements, including (but not limited to) 4K visuals, anisotropic filtering, anti-aliasing and SSAO lighting.

Players can also choose and instantly toggle between Bayonetta’s English or Japanese voice cast. (Personally, I’d primarily listen to the English talent. As far as I’m concerned, Hellena Taylor is Bayonetta.) Similarly, the same freedom extends to the subtitles.

Additionally, a limited Digital Deluxe Edition package is available, which contains the following bonuses:

  • Digital OST Sampler
  • Digital Art Book
  • Wallpapers
  • Avatars

Japan received Bayonetta for the Xbox 360 back in 2009. Western territories gained the game the following year, where SEGA also released a haphazard PlayStation 3 port alongside the 360 original. Later, an updated version of the game launched for the Wii U alongside its sequel.

Bayonetta is an excellent title, and I strongly recommend it. Moreover, as a fan, I’m glad it will continue to gain exposure through Valve’s popular Steam platform.

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