The season finale of Game of Thrones had fans raging, but Kit Harington, the actor that played Jon Snow, was not surprised. In an on-set interview with Entertainment Weekly, he said, “I think it’s going to divide.”

Harington noted that the show would be accused of sexism because both the leading women –Daenerys and Cersei – die in the last season.


“One of my worries with this is we have Cersei and Dany, two leading women, who fall,” Harrington said. “The justification is: Just because they’re women, why should they be goodies? They’re the most interesting characters on the show. And thats what Thrones has always done. You cant just say the strong woman are going to end up the good people. Dany is not a good person. It’s going to open up discussion but theres nothing done in this show that isn’t truthful to the characters. And when have you ever seen a woman play a dictator?”

Many fans still won’t be satisfied with his words, and thousands have signed petition to re-do season 8.

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