Prince Harry fell for the motto: "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." But we're guessing he's never heard of this other one: "Getting through life is 99% about staying out of trouble." Which is how the third successor in line to the British royal throne came to make quite the splash at a recent pool party in the city of sin. After racing and losing to U.S. Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte at JLo's party earlier this week, Prince Harry woke up today to some very embarrassing and very public snapshots of his birthday suit plastered all over the Internet. Featuring the ginger prince cupping his precious Crown Jewels, the cellphone images — albeit grainy and of poor quality — leave little to the imagination. Pippa Middleton can thank her brother in law for taking the heat off of her recent scandals, but it's safe to assume that Prince Charles and the Queen won't be half as pleased. Fortunately, Prince Harry has plenty of defenders on Twitter who have vocalized their support for the lad, sympathizing with his free spirit and amusing antics. We've compiled Uinterview's Top 10 Funniest Tweets on Prince Harry's now infamous Crown Jewels:

1. Prince Harry can't win. He wears a Nazi uniform, people get upset. He doesn't wear a Nazi uniform and he's in just as much trouble. Poor lad—@Herring1967

2. Prince Harry's antics blamed on broken home, family living off taxpayers, growing up on estates & time spent in institutions.—@vodkaboris

3. "Hey Vegas, your slogan is bullshit" – Prince Harry —@yoyoha

4. What are British rules on succession if Prince Harry gets a Vegas pool girl pregnant?—@ClayTravisBGID

5. I will not look at the pictures of Prince Harry. I will not look at the pictures of Prince Harry. I will not look at the pictures of……..—@McGiff

6. You have to appreciate TMZ for having professional boundaries. For instance, the teensy star on Prince Harry's butthole, that's just classy.—@Sundry

7. Prince Harry's a single man and a squaddie. When it said 'shocking photos', I imagined him in a vegan cafe reading Sartre—@karlminns

8. BREAKING: Prince Harry demands that the Internet is erased, and a Bloody Mary.—@ThePoke

9. Prince Harry, the tertiary heir/Appears on the Internet bare/But during the frolics/He covers his bollix/& treats the crown jewels with care—@twitmericks

10. Poor Prince Harry. I don't know what the world's coming to when you can't trust some random girl you met in Las Vegas.—@olly_richards


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