It's safe to say that Joe Biden won last night's vice presidential debate against Paul Ryan, at least rhetorically. A grinning, quipping Biden seemed determined to pick up Barack Obama's slack as he hit the Romney-Ryan campaign with irrefutable evidence, respectable comebacks — and just about every synonym for bulls—t available in the thesaurus. Amid the impassioned verbiage employed by our loquacious VP emerged the now trending "malarkey," meaning nonsense, believed to derive from the Irish "mullachan" denoting a ruffian or the modern Greek "malakia" for worthlessness, and introduced into American vernacular in the 1920s — although "a bunch of stuff" came in as a close second.

The Obama campaign confirmed the trend by purchasing the "malarkey" hashtag (as well as the "Jack Kennedy" hashtag, for that matter), and brands like Whataburger and Charmin quickly spit out ads banking on the popular term: "Charmin. Perfect for when your #malarkey is runny." Get it? Get it? We turn to Twitter to see what Americans thought of Biden's eloquent diction, in Uinterview's Top 10 Funnies Tweets About Malarkey:

1. First "malarkey" of the night. Millions of TV watchers just took a swig of something. —@Refinery29

2. Joe just dropped an M bomb. #Malarkey #VPdebate —@richardroeper


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3. You know and I know that it took YEARS for Biden to replace "bullshit" w/ #malarkey in his vocabulary. Paid off but I could hear BULLSHIT! —@SharkFu

4. OMG this whole time I thought "Malarkey" was the name of @MittRomney's horse! —@InvisibleObama

5. Ryan kicking himself for not responding to Biden's "malarkey" with hogwash, fiddle faddle, blatherskyte, flapdoodle #23skidoo #catspajamas —@jpodhoretz

6. If you wonder why this race is so close, look no further than how many people had to look up the word Malarkey. —@lizzwinstead

7. Kid: "Why did Mr. Biden say 'Malarkey'? Dad: "Because you can't say 'BullShit' on national TV." #VPDdebate —@cantdance2it

8. Ryan: "I'll see your 'malarkey' and raise you a 'Gosh yes.'" —@ariannahuff

9. I speak English, Spanish and Malarkey. —@CleverRican

10. For the next 24 hours, replace all nouns with 'bunch of stuff' and all adjectives with 'malarkey' —@onlyastoner

Watch Joe Biden call Paul Ryan's "stuff" malarkey:

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