Frank Ocean just paid up $212,500 in a cashier’s check to Chipotle, writing “F— Off” on the memo line.

Why was Ocean paying over 200K to the burrito chain? Chipotle was suing Ocean, born Christopher Breaux, for backing out of an ad campaign for which they had paid him $212,500 upfront. Ocean was supposed to record a song for a Chipotle commercial, but bailed when he learned that the company would have its logo in the spot, reported TMZ.

Ocean took to his Tumblr on Tuesday to share a picture of the now infamous check. Chipotle has responded to the photograph of the check, simply saying, “Thanks, Frank.”

Ocean stood to acquire a total of $425,000 if he’d recorded “Pure Imagination” from Willy Wonka for Chipotle’s animated commercial titled “The Scarecrow.” Instead, the gig went to singer-songwriter Fiona Apple.

– Chelsea Regan

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