Joss Whedon‘s sci-fi western Firefly was cancelled in 2002 after only one season, but developed a massive following. Now, Fox says it is open to continuing the show.


Following the first and only season of the show, the creators made a movie called Serenity in 2005 to tie up the loose ends. For the fans, aka Browncoats, it still wasn’t enough. Fox President of Entertainment David Madden announced during a panel discussion at Television Critics Association 2017 that he would be open to rebooting the popular series, but only if Whedon is on board for the project as well.

Whedon is currently busy directing Avengers: Age of Ultron and seems to have his plate full. After the film’s release, however, Whedon responded to the thought: “There are rights [issues] between Fox and Universal because one had the show and one had the movie, so it gets a little funky fresh with that.”

Last year the channel brought back The X-Files for a reboot, and later in the 2017 season, Fox will return to Prison Break as well. A reboot of Firefly might be next on the list. It seems, however, that the fate of the show rests in Whedon’s hands.

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