Danish-Norwegian Ari Behn has come forward with his own story about Kevin Spacey assaulting him.


Behn was previously married to Princess Märtha Louise of Norway, and shared that Spacey groped him 10 years ago at a Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo. Spacey co-hosted the event with Uma Thurman. The princess was the only daughter of King Herald V and Queen Sonja, and she was fourth in line for the throne after he brother Prince Haakon and his two children. Behn and Märtha share three children together.

“We had a nice conversation, he was sat next to me,” Behn said of the event with Spacey. “After five minutes, he says, ‘Hey, let’s go out and have a cigarette,’ and then he touched me right on the [genitals] under the table.”

Behn’s account joins the many more claims by actors of Spacey’s sexual assault history. Star Trek: Discovery star Anthony Rapp was the first to publicly come forward that Spacey assaulted him. Many more men came forward following, resulting in Spacey losing his job at Netflix’s House of Cards. A former production assistant told CNN that Spacey had put his hands down his pants without his consent while he was driving the actor to set. Later, he says, Spacey cornered him and touched him again. The majority of accusers say Spacey touched them non-consensually, and the majority were also young men.

Spacey has since checked himself into sex addiction rehab.

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