Fear the Walking Dead, the The Walking Dead spinoff series, continued its run last night with the sixth episode of the third season.

The episode begins when Madison (Kim Dickens), Troy (Daniel Sherman), and their faithful, yet exhausted, militia return home after having their gear stolen by the Native Americans from the Black Hat Reservation. While Troy is standoff-ish about telling the others what happened, he seeks out his father to fill him in. Meanwhile, Mike (Justin Deeley), a member of the militia, tells all what went down and in doing so, begins to warn others that the ranch is not safe and that the Black Hat Reservation is a group not to be messed with.

With everyone on the ranch worried for their safety, Jeremiah (Dayton Callie), a founder of the ranch, doesn’t do a very good job holding it together. He begins to get drunk and entrusts Jake to be the people’s leader. Unfortunately, his leadership is highly questioned.

The Black Hat Reservation and their leader Walker (Michael Greyeyes), strike the ranch at their moment of weakness by setting fires outside, around it – ultimately, the Black Hat Reservation wants the ranch for themselves, so they wont burn it all to the ground.

When members of the ranch begin to pillage their own supplies, thinking that this is the end, Madison steps up and emerges as a true leader. She sets out and tries to convince everyone to stay on the ranch.

Mike, having started the panic earlier, decides that he is not longer safe at the ranch. Troy tries to convince him to stay but a fight between Jake (Brendan Meyer), Jeremiah, and Troy breaks out. Madison steps up and stops them and sees clearly her opportunity for leadership.

Rather than rule with an iron fist, Madison works on Troy by manipulating him to act on her behalf. She convinces him that the militia needs order and discipline, and that they need to make the others feel safe and protected. Troy gives a rousing speech to the others and Madison’s plan appears to have worked.

In the morning, Jeremiah finds Vernon’s RV off the road and covered in bullet holes – he also discover’s that Mike’s entire family are now walkers. He realizes that this was Troy’s doing and not the Black Hat Reservation. Bringing this to Madison’s attention, he is eventually convinced to just blame the Black Hat Reservation instead.

As such, Madison gives a speech telling the others that Walker and the Black Hat Reservation are ruthless but not strong enough to get them off the ranch. All they need to do is not succumb to the fear the Reservation is trying to instill in them and they’ll be alright.

Later, Madison confronts Troy about the killing and he confesses quickly. Madison shrugs off his confession and essentially asks for his loyalty which he gives her without question. There is certainly a new leader and she is one to be reckoned with.

Watch the preview for the episode below.

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