FBI agent Chase Bishop was enjoying his downtime at the Mile High Spirits bar on June 2, performing a backflip for fun. However, the gun fell out of its holster, and Bishop accidentally shot a bystander when he picked it up.


According to the Denver Police Department, Bishop, 29, was partaking in a dance circle at the bar when he performed a backflip. After his gun fell out, Bishop unintentionally fired one shot while he picked up his firearm. He then placed the gun in its holster and walked away with his hands raised.

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One person was hit by the bullet in the lower leg. Frank Azar, the victim’s attorney, asserted his client’s injury was worse than initially reported, noting how a security guard quickly applying a tourniquet saved his client from bleeding to death.

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Bishop, over a week after a video of his accidental discharge went viral, turned himself in to authorities on June 12. He is currently facing a second-degree assault charge. An investigation is ongoing, seeking to determine if alcohol was a factor. Bishop may receive charges if it was.

Mile High Spirits’ staff have questions too, asking through a Facebook post why an armed FBI agent would visit their establishment. Moreover, the crew sympathized with the victim, noting how complimentary drinks will always be on the house.

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