The man believed to be responsible for the terrifying shooting attack in a Brooklyn Subway station has been taken into custody, according to police. A shooter believed to be James put on a gas mask before triggering a smoke bomb in an N-train car and firing several shots from a 9mm pistol into the car, injuring at least 10 in the following chaos.

Frank James, 62, was spotted in New York’s East Village neighborhood walking around the crowded area of St. Mark’s Place and 1st Avenue. He seemed to be wandering around rather aimlessly, and after police approached him when they received a tip about his presence, he reportedly complied without resisting.

If charged and convicted for the attack, James could spend life in prison. It is likely that he’ll be charged under a statute prohibiting acts of terrorism and violence in public transportation systems, and also for crossing state lines. James also has nine prior arrests in New York City to his name between 1992 and 1998. Since none of his convictions were felonies, he was still able to purchase and carry a gun.

Investigators were initially hesitant to name James as a suspect as initial witness reports said the shooter was somewhere around five-foot-five, and James is six-foot-two and heavyset. However, they re-interviewed those witnesses who admitted those initial descriptions may not have been accurate.

Before he was arrested, The New York Times interviewed Frank James’ sister, Catherine James Robinson. She said she was “surprised” that he was named a suspect, but also admitted she has had minimal in-person contact with him over the past several years and said he has “been on his own his whole life.”

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