Teen Mom OG is set to premiere new episodes on Jan. 4 and the most notorious teen mom is back. MTV released sneak peek footage from their newest season, and Farrah Abraham doesn’t miss a beat making her mom miserable and getting smacked by her six-year-old daughter, Sophia. Abraham will also be joined by Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell.

In the two minute sneak peek, Abraham and her mother are seated across from each other discussing how Sophia and the house should be taken care of while Abraham is in the UK filming Celebrity Big Brother. Abraham quickly lashes into her mother, Debra, about how she “sometimes likes to put the laundry in there with two things and waste soap.” Debra is quick to defend herself by telling her daughter that if she needs to wash something, she will get her own soap.


That statement did not sit well with Abraham who quickly lashed back that her comment was “bitchy” and she “should probably hold it back.”

Abraham continued the poor treatment by calling her mother a “nanny” and explaining “that’s why nannies get fired.” Debra defended herself by telling Abraham that she is not a nanny but her family. Abraham didn’t stop as she berated her mother on how she wanted her mother to listen to her and follow the house rules. It is clear that Debra is getting more upset as the conversation shifts to Abraham explaining that if she were to pass away she is worried about Sophia’s upbringing.

It is evident that Abraham would not entrust her mother to care for Sophia if anything were to happen to her. Sophia’s reaction to Abraham is to repeatedly smack her on the arm while Abraham makes a comment about how “a blind person could do a better job” then her mother. Debra is clearly upset after this comment and urges Abraham to stop “being so mean.” Finally, Abraham scolds Sophia for hitting her and tells her to “stop hitting people.”

The new season of Teen Mom OG starts January 4 at 10 PM/c on MTV.


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