Farrah Abraham’s relationship with DJ to the stars Brian Dawe, which was to be featured on VH1’s Couples Therapy, was all a lie, according to fellow Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans.

Jenelle Evans Calls Farrah & Brian Dawe Relationship 'Fake'

"I'm not even going to watch #CouplesTherapy now that I found out Farrah staged it entirely once again," Evans tweeted. "#TiskTisk #FakeRelationship."

Evans wasn’t the only one to cast a shadow of doubt over the erstwhile couple’s legitimacy. Dawe himself took to Facebook to reveal that Abraham had indeed hired him to stage the relationship so that she could make some quick cash by appearing on the reality show.

Brian Dawe Admits Faux-Romance With Farrah Abraham

“I was approached by Farrah Abraham to be in a "pretend relationship" with her so that she could be on a television show. Farrah got my number from my agent, who was also booking events and appearances for her,” Dawe posted on Facebook from his interview with starcasm.net. “I went along with it originally because the network offered to pay me a substantial amount of money. Farrah told me to lie to the network and tell them the relationship was real. I hesitated, but reluctantly went along with it initially.”

“I realized that lying was wrong no matter what the circumstance were, and decided my morals and integrity were worth more than any amount of money,” Dawe added, explaining the moment he decided to walk away from Couples Therapy. “I stepped out of the security line and made a life changing decision to stand up for what I believe in and turn down the check I would be receiving for my appearance on this show.”

Dawe Calls Out 'Couples Therapy,' Entertainment Industry

In addition to making it known that he and Abraham never had a legitimate relationship, Dawe also served as something of a whistleblower for Couples Therapy’s lack of commitment to “reality.” Upon informing the producers that the relationship was a fraud, he claims that they still wanted him to appear alongside Abraham for the show. They even allegedly offered to double the fee for his appearance. Dawe says this kind of exploitation is the plague of reality TV and the reason why he came forward. Tainting Abraham’s image and credibility was the opposite of his motivation, according to the DJ.

“I am not doing this to expose or hurt Farrah. She has already been used, abused, and taken advantage of by so many people that is the last thing I want to do,” he commented on his own post. “I just hope she begins to understand that the people in the entertainment industry have been taking advantage of her since she was a teenager and that the best thing she can do for herself is get out of it as quickly as possible.”

After Evans' and Dawe’s statements came out, refuting Abraham’s relationship, the Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom star took aim on Twitter at her “loser boyfriends.” She tweeted, “F–k loser boyfriends who use me! & can't face the truth!! I can face the music WATCH! NEW SEASON #4 of @VH1 @CouplesTherapyV @DrJennQuote.”

Couples Therapy airs Thursdays on VH1 at 9/8c.

– Chelsea Regan

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