Hillary Clinton has her Sun sign in intense fixed, determined and powerful Scorpio. Scorpios are also known for their secrecy and absolute emotional determination to see something important to them through. Hillary has been playing the long game at politics – and now the ultimate challenge is hers to win. Above all she prizes loyalty and total involvement. She is strong willed and has a talent for probing into things in a somewhat obsessive manner. As much as many might say she has a checkered history, she is likely to finally make the impact she has spent her whole life reaching for. There are several indications in her horoscope that indicate her winning the election, and making history at the same time. As a Scorpio, it’s a fairly safe bet that she will make considerable changes to the balancing of society once she’s in a strong and defensible position. Scorpios are transformers and healers, they have the power to ‘bring things out’ of other people.

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