On HBO’s True Blood, the relationship between Arlene Fowler and Terry Bellefleur, played by Carrie Preston and Todd Lowe, respectively, has emerged as one of the constants in a world full of so many variables (i.e. vampires, telepaths, fairies and who knows what else), but all that may be about to change.

In an exclusive interview with fans, Preston hinted that Season 5 of True Blood — premiering Sunday — will put Arlene and Terry’s relationship to the test in a possibly earth-shattering way. “Arlene is someone who wants to always have a man in her life and Terry is the best one yet, so she does everything she can to fight for it,” Preston said. “This season we’re going to see some tests to the marriage because of Terry’s past,” she added, halting lest she give too much away.

Preston, who is married to actor Michael Emerson (Lost), knows on a personal level what it takes for a couple to weather the storm, but she also knows first-hand how fans of one supernatural television show can swing over to another. “[T]here’s definitely a mash-up of the fans [of Lost and True Blood]. When Michael and I are out and about, we notice that a lot of people who were fans of one of the shows are also fans of the other,” she said. “I guess both of the shows have a fantastical element to them so I wonder what the smoke monster would have done if Eric and Bill got a hold of it. One would wonder.”

Check out the full video interview with Carrie Preston here.

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