Chris Richardson, 28, another star that was born after taking the American Idol stage in season six and finishing in fifth place, is gearing up for the release of his new single, 'Joy and Pain,' which features Tyga and brings with it sounds of "blue-eyed soul."

And when it comes to inspiration, Richardson recognizes that he's standing on the shoulders of giants. "Definitely, if I could go back in time [to perform with someone], it would be Elvis," Richardson told Uinterview exclusively. "The Rat Pack, see how they went about things because you know those guys were crazy. I just like music and I like different styles mixed together, so I'm really open when it comes to that."

While Richardson, who has signed with Cash Money, which represents such artists as Lil Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj, is all about his music, he's also interested in keeping himself in shape — while also staying entertained. "It switches every time because I can’t do the same thing or I get bored," Richardson told us. "It all depends. I’m running hills or I’m running on a beach with a pair of shoes or I’m in the gym lifting heavy weights or I’m pushing sleds. I’ll do old football routine workouts and then I’ll do cross-fit; I’ll ride a bike or I’ll go swimming. I just keep flipping it up … when it comes to the cardio side I just sometimes like to get out of the gym."

Sadly, we won't know if all that working out has yet landed Richardson a significant other. "Oh, lord have mercy, we won't go there!" he told us. "I've always sort of kept that personal side until the time I feel like is right. I want people to focus on my music."

Check out Uinterview's full exclusive with Richardson here.

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