Stephanie Grisham, a former Trump White House chief of staff, shared a shocking screenshot of an exchange with Melania Trump on January 6 where she seemed to refuse Grisham’s suggestion that she should tweet “there is no place for lawlessness and violence.”

Melania Trump Role On Jan. 6

Grisham served as White House communications director and press secretary for slightly less than a year, and then switched to becoming the chief of staff and press secretary for Melania Trump specifically. Grisham resigned from her position on January 6 in protest of President Trump’s role in the riot.

This comes amid the revelation of several new witnesses including Cassidy Hutchinson and documentarian Alex Holder, who have been delivering stunning testimonies to the House select committee investigating the Capitol Riots in private interviews and public hearings.

Grisham shared the photo on Twitter, which indicated a text chain with a contact named “MT,” and it’s worth noting that the crop of the screenshot doesn’t show any date and time.


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It showed MT responding “No,” to Grisham’s question: “Do you want to tweet that peaceful protests are the right of every American, but there is no place for lawlessness & violence?” Trump wouldn’t release a statement about the riots until days later when she said she was “disappointed and disheartened with what happened.”

She spoke more about the text exchange on CNN. Grisham said that the former First Lady would normally “put out a statement well ahead of the West Wing, to set a tone saying ‘This is not okay,'” during tragic or controversial events.

Grisham said Melania’s refusal to put her requested tweet was “unlike her” and it caused Grisham to be suspicious of her. “It made me think she knew that perhaps her husband was going to try to be down there. She knew something ahead of time,” Grisham added.

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