Pete Domenici, former New Mexico senator, revealed that he fathered a son outside of his marriage with Michelle Laxalt, the daughter of former Nevada senator Paul Laxalt.

Domenici confirmed the story on Wednesday. "I deeply regret this and am very sorry for my behavior," Domenici told the Albuquerque Journal in a statement. "I hope New Mexicans will view that my accomplishments for my beloved state outweigh my personal transgression." Laxalt also issued a statement to the paper saying, “Given the fact that both my father and the father of my child were United States senators, I felt strongly that I would make this choice according to my values and would not seek advice, input or permission,” about her decision to raise the child on her own.

The affair, which resulted in the birth of the now 34-year-old Adam Laxalt, occurred when his mother was 24 and his father was an up and coming senator who worked with his grandfather. Domenici retired from the Senate in 2008 after 36 years. Paul Laxalt, Adam’s grandfather retired in 1986 after 12 years in office. Michelle Laxalt went on to continue a career of her own in Washington – making a name for herself in government relations and becoming a prominent lobbyist while forming her consulting firm, The Laxalt Corporation.

Domenici and Laxalt issued their statements through the New Mexico paper after it came to their attention that their story would soon be leaked. Their son, Adam, is currently a successful lawyer in Las Vegas. He spent five years in the United States Navy, which included a tour in Iraq. It’s unclear who knew about the scandal, or when the son was made aware of the identity of his father. “I have lived my entire life as a private citizen and intend to remain one,” he told the Washington Post, which seems to be all he has to say on the matter.

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