Not everyone can be the right kind of "survivor," as competitors on the long-running CBS show, Survivor, know, which is why Roxanne Morris, 28, commonly known as Roxy, a Brooklyn seminary student with military training, ended up being the second contestant eliminated from the show after experiencing what she and others describe as a meltdown.

"It was harder than anything I've experienced in my military training," Morris told People about her brief Survivor stint and the intense weight loss she endured. "I went six days without food, and with a scarce amount of water. It looks exciting on TV, but it's really tough. I went into the game weighing 125 lbs., and left weighing 108 lbs.

While Morris' ordeal meant that she would "look at other people and think of them as food" after only six days, she chalked it up to being "really hungry — like really, really hungry," at which point "your mind plays tricks on you. And then add to it that you're not sleeping and you're exhausted. It makes it hard to focus on challenges and puzzles."

Thankfully, Morris stopped short of taking a bite out of anyone while on the island in this season's Survivor: Philippines, but that doesn't mean that any of the other contestants wanted her to stick around — Morris was unanimously voted off.

And, to hear her tell it, Morris wasn't surprised to be flushed from the show. "Absolutely not," she told Digital Spy. "I expected Malcolm and Angie to vote against me because I put them on the burners. I wasn't surprised, but I was disappointed that Denise wasn't smarter than that and could put aside her emotional feelings about me. If you've ever played Survivor, you know you have to go with the group, so if Russell had more influence, he would have kept me. He needed to have peace at being in camp, so he had to."

Morris doesn't necessarily feel like she did anything unwise in the game, either. "For me, I always wholeheartedly believe I'll stay in the game as long as Jesus wants me to. If he wanted me out second or it was my exit time, I totally accepted that and made my peace with that before we even went to Tribal."

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