Ed Sheeran joined The Late Late Show host James Corden for a segment of his “Carpool Karaoke.”


The pair started off the ride with Sheeran’s latest song “Shape of You.” Corden joked that it was a sexy song, to which Sheeran responded by touching Corden’s inner thigh and chest. They spoke about Sheeran’s hiatus from technology, and how the artist only uses email these days. “I actually don’t have a phone anymore,” the singer said. “I had a phone for like two weeks, and then I just didn’t charge it… It was fine at the beginning but it just got really, really draining by the end of it, so getting rid of that, going traveling, getting perspective, making an album that I love, everything’s great.”

The guys switched back to the music and belted out “SING” from 2014, and Sheeran challenged Corden to see how much of the quick verses he had rehearsed and remembered. “Crushed it,” Sheeran said, high-fiving the host.

Corden then brought up the rumor that Sheeran can fit 47 of the British snack food Malteses in his mouth, to which the singer said that he could, and Corden conveniently whipped out a jar of the candies. The pair then competed to see who could fit more in their mouths. Corden quit after 26, but Sheeran kept strong until he hit 55.

Then Sheeran hit Corden with an acoustic performance of “Thinking Out Loud,” accompanied by the host. The guys then talked about Sheeran’s love of dive bars, and love of introducing people to said dive bars. He shared a story of him running into Justin Bieber in Tokyo, and taking him out. “Oh God, we ended up on this golf course, and he put a gold ball in his mouth, and said, ‘Go on, hit it out,’ and I was pretty hammered,” he said to Corden’s horror. “So I said ‘focus, focus, focus, you can’t hit him, you can’t hit him,’ and I had this driving wedge… I cracked him across the face. He was actually really cool about it, surprisingly.”

This gave them the perfect intro to their next song choice, Bieber’s “Love Yourself,” which Sheeran co-wrote. Next up was another cover, of “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction.

“You know, I was really nervous about coming on the show,” the singer admitted. “I couldn’t see what was funny about me singing my songs in a car.” He said bringing out the guitar made him more comfortable, because musically he feels naked if it’s just him and a microphone. “If it ever feels awkward, I just bring it out. I was quite an unfortunate looking kid. I feel like God looked down at me and was like, ‘You need help getting laid, mate.'”

The final song was “Castle on the Hill,” and of course Sheeran accompanied the track with his own guitar. They ended by making their own version of the song about the traffic in LA.

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