Atlanta creator and star Donald Glover, who is also known by his rapper name Childish Gambino, bought 113 boxes of cookies from a Girl Scout, Charity Joy, who created a viral video of her sharing her own cookie version of his hit song “Redbone.”


The video of Charity and her dad singing their parody of the song was posted on YouTube and Facebook and was shared over 2 million times.


Glover was a guest on The Late Show on Wednesday night, host Stephen Colbert surprised him when he brought out Charity and her dad so he could buy cookies from them.

During his interview, Glover joked saying that when he was making the song he “never was like, ‘I’ll make this and then one day a little girl will sell Girl Scout cookies to it.'” He later joked stating that “Gambino is for the kids.”

The artist also admitted to enjoying the video because Charity is from Atlanta, which is where he grew up and is the setting of his show.

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When Glover shared with Colbert that the video made him crave some Girl Scout cookies, Colbert welcomed Charity, with an order form in hand, on stage. Once sitting next to him, she said that she was a fan of Childish Gambino.

Glover then agreed to buy 113 boxes, which was her selling goal.

“Obviously thin mints, those are the best, you can put them in the refrigerator. I’ll take them all,” he said as he wrote down all his information on an order form. Thin mints also happened to be Charity’s favorite cookies as well.

After the show, Glover shared his boxes of thin mints with audience.

Watch the heartwarming video below.

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