Dolly Parton‘s brother, Floyd Parton died, Thursday at age 61, it was reported on Monday.

Floyd Parton’s obituary, which is featured on Tennessee’s Atchley Funeral Home website, lists his death date as Dec. 6. He was also known for being his 72-year-old country singer sister’s longtime songwriting partner. No official cause of death has been announced.

“A renaissance man, Floyd was a man of many talents and areas of knowledge,” his obituary reads. “He was an avid outdoorsman and had an abundant knowledge of nature as well as being an incredible cook.”

Aside from being a nature lover, Floyd was also a prolific musician. He co-wrote many famous songs with Dolly Parton, including 1991’s “Rockin’ Years” with Ricky Van Shelton and 1978’s “Nickels and Dimes” from her chart-topping album Heartbreaker. 


The Parton’s youngest sibling Rachel once told People that their mother encouraged her children to perform both at church and at home.

Floyd Parton is also survived by sisters Willadeene, 78, Stella, 69, Cassie, 67, and Freida, 61, in addition brothers David, 76, Coy Denver, 75, Bobby, 70, and Randy, 64.

The Partons also had a brother named Larry who died only four days after being born in 1955.


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Dolly Parton recently wrote songs for Netflix’s original film Dumplin’, which co-stars Jennifer Aniston and is about a girl who tries to compete in a beauty pageant.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly last week, Parton explained how much she loves her family tradition of making dumplings around Christmastime.

“I’m the best! It’s my favorite dish, of all my brothers and sisters — because I cook just like my mom. My mom’s dead now, but everybody else, they put too much butter, too much lard, they won’t do this and that. But I still cook good!” Parton revealed.

“I make the best dumplings ever, ever, ever. I even make little containers of it and give to my brothers and sisters for Christmas. I usually cook a big, big pot, and then I’ll always have some for them to take home and freeze and thaw out and eat when they get to missin’ me,” she added.
Here is a tribute to Floyd Parton from his sister Stella:


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