Derek Jeter, the recently retired New York Yankees star, could possibly be marrying his longtime girlfriend Hannah Davis this weekend.

Derek Jeter Marrying Hannah Davis?

Jeter, 40, has reportedly booked a party at the Oheka Castle in Long Island, a place made famous by scenes shot there for 1941 film Citizen Kane. The high-end vendors hired for the fete said all they know is that it’s a “Derek Jeter event,” according to TMZ.

Some believe that it’s merely a retirement event for the esteemed baseball player, who played his final game with the Yankees Sunday. However, others are convinced that the Oheka Castle will be playing host to Jeter’s wedding to Davis.

Jeter and Davis, 24, have been dating for a couple of years. And while the athlete has not announced an engagement to the St. Thomas-born model, she was spotted wearing what appeared to be a diamond engagement ring last October.

Neither Jeter or Davis have commented on the speculation.

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