Dakota Johnson introduced her family’s favorite game – The Acting Game – while making an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Dakota Johnson On ‘Jimmy Fallon’

While Jimmy Fallon is known for his many games that he has his guests play, Johnson decided that they would play one of hers. Per the rules of The Acting Game, the active player is given a phone, a role to play, the role of the imaginary person on the other end of the phone and a scenario.

Johnson’s first scenario was that her fiancé Darth Vadar was calling to tell her that he was leaving her for another woman.

“Hi babe,” Johnson said, asking, “Did you just wake up?” Presumably after he broke the news of the other woman, she asked, “Where are you? Who the f—?” Though the swear was bleeped for the show, Fallon immediately told Johnson, “Hang up the phone. Hang up the phone!”

When it was Fallon’s turn, Johnson warned him before reading out the scenario, “I’m gonna say ring ring when I’m done.”

Fallon replied, “Just stick to those notes.”

The host had to pretend that he was a famous chef who had to field a call from his kitchen from someone who desperately needed the recipe for the restaurant’s special turkey stuffing.

“Shove it up the turkey’s butt,” Fallon advised in an accent that shifted from French to Middle Eastern. “You take that potato and you shove it up the turkey’s butt!”

For Johnson’s next stab at the game, she was an aspiring clown who didn’t get into clown school. Adopting the moniker Bubbles, Johnson used nepotism in her argument to make the cut, claiming that her father was famed clown Big Laughs.

Johnson was on The Tonight Show to promote her upcoming comedy with Leslie Mann and Rebel Wilson, How to Be Single It’s slated to hit theaters ahead of Valentine’s Day on Feb. 12.

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