Israeli actress Gal Gadot tried an assortment of new American foods on Monday’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Fallon surprising her with eggnog, Ho-Hos and Taco Bell. In return, Fallon tried an assortment of Israeli snacks, including sufganiyot and gefilte fish, both seasonal as they are typically enjoyed on Jewish holidays like Hanukah.

Gadot first tried the eggnog, which she was speculative of from the get-go because of its name.

“The egg is cooked?” She had to double-check with Fallon first. “Like, it’s ok, it’s been pasteurized, right?”

Even after tasting it, though, Gadot didn’t seem any less skeptical of the drink.

“You look like I did something bad to you!” Fallon laughed at her expression after she took a taste.

Next, Fallon tried the sufganiyot, a kind of jelly doughnut. Before trying it, he attempted and failed to learn to pronounce its name.

“Bless you,” Gadot giggled as Fallon attempted the word a few times.

Liking the dish, though, was nowhere near as challenging to the host.

“That is unbelievable,” he said after his first bite. “That is delicious. That’s one of the best jelly doughnuts I’ve ever had. I will have another bite, I loved it.”

After the doughnut, Fallon had another few surprises for Gadot.

“I’m not looking forward to them,” she said with a grimace as Fallon announced the next snack –  Ho-Hos – which he described as a classic American snack that Santa Claus himself named.

After trying them, Gadot felt differently about her surprise.

“It’s really sweet,” she reassured Fallon, who was worried she didn’t like the snack. “It’s good, it’s soft, it’s delicious. I enjoy it. I’m going to have another bite.”

Next up: Taco Bell.

“I’m very excited about this,” Fallon introduced the meal. “I cannot believe that you’ve never had this.”

Again, Gadot was pleasantly surprised, almost jumping with excitement and dancing as she tasted a taco.

“This is the best so far: flavorful, salty, different textures,” she said. “This is amazing! I can’t believe I never tried it.”

The segment ended on Gadot’s turn as she introduced him to gefilte fish, which came preserved in jelly and packaged in a jar. Right off the bat, she apologized as Fallon gagged at its smell and appearance, laughing as he pulled a trashcan to his side.

“I’ll have the Taco Bell while you eat this,” she giggled, taking another bite.

Fallon, luckily, was extremely pleasantly surprised.

“That’s not bad, I like it!” he announced, looking shocked himself. “With horseradish it would crush!”

“Jimmy Fallon likes gefilte fish, success!” Gadot pronounced. “I’ve done my work in the world.”

The hilarious segment was to promote Gadot’s upcoming movie, Wonder Woman 1984, which is coming out in theaters and on HBO Max this Christmas.

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