Reality star Kim Kardashian is styling a new look – to mixed reactions.

Chris Appleton, Kardashian’s hairdresser, took to Instagram to unveil the star’s new natural look. Still showing off her dark roots, Kardashian’s loose-flowing hair has gone from platinum blond to more of a honey color. In one of the snaps, the 42-year-old entrepreneur also models a dark blue crop top, black leather jeans and heels to match the look.

Appleton captioned the snaps with “Honey 4 Miami. What do you guys think to the new color we did?”

At a W Magazine party, Kardashian showed up in a revealing outfit that showed off her dramatic weight loss.

Her trip down to Miami may have been a success though not everyone felt so enthusiastic about the new style.

A commenter went so far as to claim that Kardashian’s hairstyle was “a nice wig.” Another critic added to the claim, saying, “You should really clarify when you’re wearing a wig. As a hairdresser who gets shown inspo pics of you going from black to blonde in one sitting – it’s not attainable and people don’t realize that it’s not your hair.”

Back in May, Kardashian claimed to have pulled an all-nighter to go from brunette to her platinum blond for the 2022 Met Gala. Coinciding with the ninth episode of The Kardashians on Hulu, the model showed off the now former style on Twitter. “Pulled an all nighter to get my hair blonde… I was so tired!”

This tweet received criticism quickly with comments like, “How tough your life is… shame… poor you,” and “Beats pulling an all-nighter working a second job – perspective.”

Kardashian has been in hot water recently for her word choice.

Earlier this year, the reality star told Variety, “Get your f—— ass up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days.” Some Twitter users called “richsplaining.”

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