Writer-comedian Ali Wentworth, 55, confirmed on her Instagram account that she has tested positive for the coronavirus on Wednesday. 

“I have tested positive for the Corona Virus. I’ve never been sicker. High fever. Horrific body aches. Heavy chest. I’m quarantined from my family. This is pure misery. #stayhome,” she wrote. 


This past Thursday, Wentworth called into Good Morning America to say, “First of all, thank you for all your well-wishes…You know I’m feverish if I’m allowing myself to go on national television with no makeup on,” she joked. 

“What started was I had a real tightness in my chest. I was walking my dog Cooper, and I just felt very, very winded and I assumed, of course, it was because I never work out and I’m out of shape, but it was it was too heavy for that. And it wasn’t until the fever started that I realized this can’t be a common summer cold. I went and got tested…which was three days ago, and now I’ve had high fevers, sort of 101, 103,” she told to show. 

Wentworth then warned the audience of the show to practice social distancing and to stay at home.